Making Of / 26 January 2019

The 17th century living space

After pushing out some 3D household assets I finally got to build together an actual living space. I'll first show you a bunch of these assets and explain a bit about them. Keeping a bit of suspense going about the final interior.

Pottery in the 17th century Netherlands was very interesting. Clay back then was mixed by hand so clay work often had different tones depending on where it came from and what finish it got. Whenever we look at archaeology or paintings we see that in this time people liked big mugs to drink out.

It was really fun to play around with the different colors and finishes and adding color and glossiness to the materials. In between the pots you can see a little clay pipe. these started to become very popular in the whole country around the start of the 17th century and they remained popular for centuries. Pipes from different cities had different characteristic and decorations and it was a lot of fun to learn about them.

The amazing site has some of the most complete collection and information about these pipes. I love to make more of them later on.

Furniture was already very delicate. Carpenters around this time were at their prime. I've tried my best to reflect that. Constructions with at little nails as possible. and using benches as storage space. I've tried to implement wood and peg methods that would have been used to construct the different items.

So now to the interior, in some later posts, with some more revisions, I'll go into some more details, about the reason for everything. For now it's just awesome to see all the items I've been working on coming together and really make this place feel alive. The big windows create an amazing light scene, and it's no wonder people from that time choose to have so many and big windows, even while sacrificing warmth.